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Document flow

  • April 16, 2024
  • 270

Project customer: "Union of Writers".

Brief information about the project: is a web system that provides internal document exchange. This web system was created in 2019-2020. Today, this web system is used by the "Writers' Union" staff.

Project features: The project developer has provided the following features to the users of the web system:

  1. A mechanism has been created to enter document information received by the organization and ensure its execution;
  2. The ability to issue a resolution to each document and define a team of executors;
  3. Monitoring the execution process of documents;
  4. Online identification of late execution documents and executors;
  5. Archiving completed documents;
  6. Control of the status of documents in the section of executive employees and organizations to which documents are attached;
  7. Providing the opportunity to use the web system at the same time by the central apparatus and regional units;
  8. Separate management of information of the central apparatus and regional units;
  9. Using the administrator control panel for managing the web system for administrators;
  10. And other possibilities.

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